our pledge 

We pledge to deliver products that will work just as good for 5 years after the purchase date as the day the product was sold. This means that we don't expect wear and tear for years to come while products are still under the original warranty. 

It's only NWGD authorized dealers that have sold and installed our garage door products that can offer a warranty on our products. 

​''NWGD Authorized Dealer equals    happy customers every time''.

  Twenty seven years ago when I first joined the garage door industry on a military base I had 30 bays to look after. At no point did I realize at the time that my passion was getting developed as it didn't even seem to me as a job do to the fact that I had so much fun. 

  Well, here I am today with the same kind of passion from a different angle in the same industry. To deliver astonishing product along with amazing consumer brand value. And as the CEO of Nationwide Garage Door Products I have both produced and distributed products that I would only be ecstatic about with the idea that we are offering the best of the best. This means that the products that we distribute to our authorized dealers are 100% warrantied with pride and unquestionable assurance to be of any defect and imperfection. 

reliable products 

Every product comes with some kind of warranty these days,

but it's only Nationwide Garage Door Products that come with the kind of warranty that is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction for the duration of the warranty. 

(it's our easy authorized dealer product exchange program). 

It's our goal that all Nationwide Garage Door Products consumers will believe in our products as much as we do.

''We don't raise the bar, We are the bar'' 

& Repair 

Mission + Vision 

Nationwide Garage Door Products mission is to deliver products in the garage door repair service industry that will surpass any customer expectation.

Our product warranty only has to be approved by you. 

(Product purchases must be made at authorized dealer to have warranty). 

It's with this kind of determination that has allowed us to raised the bar in our industry. We don't just raise the bar we are the bar.