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What kind of problems is the industry of window coverings going through in Las Vegas? 

​Ever since the covid-19 pandemic started the Las Vegas blinds and shutters industry has gone through a rough ride. The first thing that was noticeable was that window shutters in Las Vegas was simply not arriving. This could be because some materials whether people like to admit it or not still comes from China. And so the window shutters industry seemed to take this issue at first but than the blinds Las Vegas service providers also noticed that window blinds shipments were also not coming. It's believed that the reason the window shutters industry was affected before the window blinds industry is do to the fact that more people buy blinds than shutters, so there was more material on hand in the U.S. 

As time went on and businesses were starting to open back up both the Las Vegas shutters industry and the Las Vegas blinds industry had a hard time getting employees to comeback. In fact, it was done right impossible to have even half the staff needed to show up for work. Even the people who applied for work and were told they were hired did not show up on their first day. Some blinds Las Vegas companies and shutters Las Vegas companies say that it was do to the unemployment paying up to $4,000 a month to stay home. And if you look at what the Las Vegas shutters and Las Vegas blinds industry was paying it's well understood. You see the average person who works as an installer for a shutters Las Vegas service provider makes around $3,200 a month, and the average person that works as an installer for a blinds Las Vegas service provider makes around $2,800 a month. This was clearly a situation to were if you stayed home for a year you really gave yourself a raise by not working. One Las Vegas window blinds company owner pointed out that if a couple decided not to work that year they earned $96,000 for staying home, crazy I know. Another business owner that offers window shutters in Las Vegas said that the unemployment benefits stole his employees. 

Many business owners that are in the field of window shutters and window blinds believe that their industry will never be the same. It has many business owners saying it has changed our whole structure or expense to where we offer products that cost us much more than before, and at the same time we pay much more for the labor. Meaning in all reality window shutters in Las Vegas as well as window blinds in Las Vegas as of today can cost many companies as much as 50% more than just two years ago. 

An addition to those problems, what other issues do Las Vegas shutters and Las Vegas blinds companies are experiencing? Workers that have worked in the industry of window shutters and window blinds in La Vegas are starting to relocate to other states. This could be because other states have more benefits or maybe they are taking the opportunity to relocate and leave somewhere they never seen before. 

What are some of the states that the Las Vegas blinds and Las Vegas shutters companies are losing their personal to? As of late some of the workers that have worked in the industry of window blinds and window shutters in Las Vegas have moved to Texas, Wyoming, and Florida. These states do not have state income tax just as Nevada doesn't making it easier for people who see it as a bonus. 

How likely is it that these professionals will comeback to the industry of blinds in Las Vegas or the industry of shutters in Las Vegas? I personally believe that most of these pros who are experts in widow blinds and window shutters will be back within 5 years to Las Vegas. I can understand why they would take the chance to see other areas as some of us (like me) just never worked or lived an any other city, They just want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. ''I guess we will see''.