What might make a Las Vegas General Contractor a good one.   

As far as the law goes all contractors and general contractors in Las Vegas must be licensed by the Nevada Contractors Board. But there's another question as well. What might make one Las Vegas general contractor better than another. One might say to check and see if the Las Vegas general contractor you're thinking of using has complaints while another might say not to worry about that as much but rather than if the general contractors your thinking of using has been fined for being a bad contractor. 

Checking reviews for the Las Vegas general contractors could be the way to go but I personally believe when checking the reviews make sure it was done by a paying customer rather than a person that has an outsiders opinion. I love knowing what kind or service did the paying consumer have and not a person that was critical of the way someone answered the phone or how the estimate was priced, after all it's not apples to apples as two Las Vegas general contractors finishing touches or follow ups could be night and day.

If you have additional information that might be helpful to anyone that might read this please send it to lasvegasgeneralcontractor@gmail.

What kind of problems are Las Vegas general contractors running into? 

As of late general contractors in Las Vegas are having problems getting sub-contractors to show up on time. It seems that ever since the covid-19 pandemic there's been many issues for contractors in Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas contractors are blaming the unemployment that was given out in the beginning, in fact if you remember when people went on unemployment they were making $4,000 a month to stay home. This had created a situation that some contractors because even if your employees made $5000 a month or more they still got paid for staying home. One general contractor in las Vegas was so far behind that he started to stop answering phones as he know he can barely handle the work he had on his hands. There's also the problem that some general contractors in Las Vegas are just moving to other states like Texas and Florida. These states have no income tax like Nevada and have other benefits that Nevada doesn't have like available skilled workers, more population, and a contractor board that allows to take unlimited budget projects for those who had that problem in Nevada. 

As a whole being contractors Las Vegas service provider is probably been great for most but some contractors might want to take the opportunity to just see something new. 

There are so many reasons to want to be a Las Vegas general contractor and here are some beneficial reasons. 

1. Great Las Vegas weather. 

2. The city of Las Vegas is still growing. 

3. There's lots of land available in Las Vegas. 

​4. Las Vegas is very affordable compare to many places. 

5. Nevada has no income tax. 

​6. There's always something to do in Las Vegas. 

7. One of the best cities to retire. 

If you are one of the licensed Las Vegas contractors that is looking to offer your services for other Las Vegas general contractors you should see the list below and reach out to other contractors Las Vegas companies. 

Currently HR Builders is looking for licensed Las Vegas contractors that offer services in painting, stucco, concrete, flooring, bathroom and kitchen expertise, and many more.


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