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What might make a Las Vegas General Contractor a good one.   

As far as the law goes all contractors and general contractors in Las Vegas must be licensed by the Nevada Contractors Board. But there's another question as well. What might make one Las Vegas general contractor better than another. One might say to check and see if the Las Vegas general contractor you're thinking of using has complaints while another might say not to worry about that as much but rather than if the general contractors your thinking of using has been fined for being a bad contractor. 

Checking reviews for the Las Vegas general contractors could be the way to go but I personally believe when checking the reviews make sure it was done by a paying customer rather than a person that has an outsiders opinion. I love knowing what kind or service did the paying consumer have and not a person that was critical of the way someone answered the phone or how the estimate was priced, after all it's not apples to apples as two Las Vegas general contractors finishing touches or follow ups could be night and day.

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