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Finding a Good Las Vegas Locksmith For Our Clients.   

the first thing that we should all know is that not all service providers are created equal. And this is an any field not just the locksmith field. So when we searched for a great locksmith Las Vegas service company we know we should look hard just as our clients do when looking for garage door products or garage door repair service. Las Vegas is a growing city and an a growing city you need to look a little bit more closely. As a rule we should all try to look for companies that have been around for a while. This meant that the locksmith Las Vegas company that we are hoping to find should be doing business for over ten years. as it turns out there are not so many Las Vegas locksmith companies that have been doing business in Las Vegas for that long. In fact most locksmith service providers where around for less than five years. An some cases the locksmith Las Vegas company just took an old out of business locksmith companies name and ran with it. I believe they where hoping that some consumers would thing that the company was around for longer than they where by using an old locksmith Las Vegas company name that was out of business.

Some companies had an 800 number which tell us there not even located in Las Vegas, otherwise why would you need an 800 number. Than we called a couple of locksmiths in Las Vegas to see what kind of a quot we would get. And believe me when we tell you they where all over the place. But only one Las Vegas locksmith company had given us a choice with the re-key job we asked about. This company allowed us to do a simple rekey or a high security rekey. The difference was not much regardless. And to explain what it is. A high security rekey has the locksmith installing spool pins in both top and bottom chambers of the lock, not allowing someone statistically the chance to pick the lock. The other rekey was just an ordinary pin system just like the ones the locks come from the factory.

With that all said the price was not much different. For you to have this locksmith Las Vegas service provider do a basic rekey on two locks is $69.99, for the high security rekey it's $99.99 to $144.99 depending what kind of deadbolt locks you have. 

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