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Solar energy information and facts.  

​The price of solar energy panel in Boca Raton Florida have fallen more than 92% since the late 197o's. This means that solar energy today costs less than 10% of what it cost customers to buy at one point.

The solar energy Boca Raton company helping with solar energy power in Boca Raton Florida.

Solar Energy is more affordable than fossil fuels.  Solar energy in Boca Raton FL costs as little as 4.5 cents per kWh on an unsubsidized basis, it's cheaper than nearly every option. The most affordable fossil fuel option is natural gas, and that costs between 4.2 and 7.8 cents per kWh.

Solar energy power can last 20 years if not more. In fact some solar energy panels are sold with as much as a 25 year warranty. Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton Florida tries to only sell solar energy power panels that have at least a 20 year warranty.

Fidelity Solar energy Of Boca Raton FL is now making solar energy power in Boca Raton Florida a better way to helping consumers everyday.

Boca Raton solar energy company is putting a run for the ages. Because California is the U.S. star in solar, companies like Fidelity Solar Energy of Boca Raton is showing how things can be done even better in places like the Sunshine state. 

​Over 38% of new electricity production capacity installed in 2016 was solar. This means that we are finally doing things right. And just in case you want to know how drastic that is in 2010 solar energy power was somewhere around 4%.

Solar energy Boca Raton systems can be bought with no down payment, ask us about your new solar energy power system in Boca Raton.

​The fastest energy source that can be deployed is solar energy. If disaster ever strikes, no electricity source could be built as fast as solar energy. In some cases places that experience hurricanes are able to have sustainable power within weeks unlike power plants which can take months before sustainability power is available. 

Solar energy power is the most abundant energy source on our planet. There's enough sun light hitting our planet everyday to meet all our power requirements  for an entire year.

The solar energy Boca Raton advantage by Fidelity Solar Energy of Boca Raton FL.

​The demand for solar energy in the U.S. has hit it's all time high. The quantity and volume that is being requested today is more than 20 times what it was just nine years ago.

Solar energy panels are getting smaller and more efficient for what they need to produce.

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